Monday, March 29, 2010

The Runny Bunny

Robin Van Valkenburgh is one talented lady. I had the pleasure of selling her work several years ago when I owned a craft gallery, Artifex, in Franklin, Tennessee. Although I do not miss the stress, incredibly long hours, and financial strains of owning my own business, I DO miss being surrounded by all the creativity. I miss the buying trips, incredible markets, shows and artist studios I had the pleasure to visit. I miss the excitement of opening up new shipments of artwork. I miss the joy of creating the perfect display to showcase the amazing pieces art I was lucky enough to carry. And I miss Robin. The funny thing is that I have never even met her. I did, however, talk to her on the phone many times...usually because I was having to place more orders for her unique clay sculptures of pears and decorative spheres. I would have a waiting list of anxious customers to notify when new shipments of Robin's work would come in. Artifex closed in January of 2006.

Flash forward three and a half years. One day, while admiring all the incredible artwork and shops on etsy, I ran across a shop called "The Runny Bunny." What I found was a world of surreal and intriguing characters...animals with human heads, humans with animal heads, and so much more. After studying and coveting every single sculpture, I decided to click on the artist's bio, and to my surprise...there she was. Robin Van Valkenburgh WAS The Runny Bunny. The work is totally different than those pieces represented in my gallery years ago, but I love the new work even more. Take a look at The Runny Bunny's etsy shop here. These unique sculptures are priced so well that they go VERY fast, but Robin (being the hard worker that she is) keeps new items added frequently, so check back often! I look forward to having a nice collection of some of these little soon as I can make up my mind on which ones I like best.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Art Noir

"Deepa Vekaria has recently completed a Masters in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. She is inspired by the character roles found in Film Noir. Her work reflects a sense of period, setting and location with a strong sense of atmosphere and mood within filmic compositions." From Deepa Vekaria's website.

I am in love with this work. In serious love with it. Anything inspired by film noir is all right in my book.

For more info and images of Deepa Vekaria's inspired illustration, visit her website.
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