Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bow to the Goddess

A few months ago I had the pleasure of curating a group show at The Arts Company titled, "Wood, Canvas and Clay" which featured the work of four amazingly talented artists. Being a clay artist myself, I am always drawn to ceramics more than anything else. I was thrilled to find the work of Atlanta artist Krista Grecco, and even more thrilled that she agreed to be one of the artists in my show. This new piece, titled "Greek Goddess," was created specifically for the show. According to Krista's artist statement, her new series is "especially personal, busts based closely but loosely on the women who have shared their love, companionship and knowledge with me."

Although I have spoken with Krista on numerous occasions, I haven't yet had the opportunity to meet her. Luckily, that will change next month when I make a trip to Atlanta. I have already made arrangements to meet Krista and take a tour of her studio where she is working on several new sculptures to be featured in a new show at Ferrin Gallery in May. She's been a joy to work with, I adore her sculptures, and I look forward to seeing what amazing things happen to her in the future. She's definitely one to watch!

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